Action Plan

BPAF plans to focus on the China-ASEAN region and committee more than 5 million Chinese Yuan in next three years (2022-2024) to support actions in the following areas:


Support marine conservation projects and activities

Through Calls for Proposals, BPAF supports small marine conservation projects and activities. For more details, please refer to the Calls for Proposals page.


Promote the innovation and enhancement of ecological conservation methods

Support the research, development and innovation of ecological protection knowledge products and practical tools, innovation and upgrading of marine ecological conservation concepts, standards, technical specifications, etc.


Support communication and capacity building among BPAF partners

Through cross-border / interdisciplinary communications and capacity building among BPAF partners, we create a harmonious and comfortable atmosphere and promote exchanges and cooperation among multi-stakeholders such as government, enterprises, research institutions and community groups.


Conduct the results demonstration and policy promotion

Collect and organize the results of relevant demonstration projects, summarize the experience of relevant promotion activities, organize relevant promotion activities, and promote the international dissemination of BPAF.

In the future, BPAF would consider to expend its geographical scope and contents as BPAF evolves into the different stages.