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The Blue Defenders is a joint initiative of the SEE Foundation, the Alibaba Foundation, RBF and the Energy Foundation with the purpose to promote information disclosure from enterprises and governments, public supervision of pollution sources, emission and pollution reduction by enterprises, and sustainable development. It also aims to facilitate problem-solving in air, water and soil pollution.

By June 2019, with the direct support of the project, 53 environmental NGOs from 19 provinces have become the Blue Defenders. An annual average of 150,000 enterprises are uncovered to violate regulations and discharge pollutants in excess of emission standards. With the leverages such as the government’s law enforcement and the green supply chains, 2,500 enterprises are promoted to implement their rectification measures per year. From 2013 to 2018, the Blue Defenders has provided partners with more than 50 million yuan, among the aid, over 25million yuan was offered to the partner in the field of environmental data. The amount of data has exceeded 1.4 billion, involving 3 million enterprises across the country.