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Green Supply Chains


“Green Supply Chain Action in Real Estate Industry in China” unites environmental protection experts, industry associations, enterprises, NGOs and technological institutions to develop action plans and environmental standards for green procurement, review suppliers’ environmental performances, and propose those with good environmental performances to the recommended suppliers lists (white list and green list). The real estate enterprises prompt through green procurement the upper stream suppliers to improve and upgrade their environmental performances, to achieve carbon emission and pollution reduction across the entire supply chain.


As the world largest single action of reducing pollution and carbon dioxide emission, it was launched in June 2016, and by the end of 2023, 107 real estate enterprises have signed up for the Green Supply Chain Action. The project had completed the construction of an "Environmental Compliance Whitelist Query Platform" and included over 1.4 million supplier enterprises across 19 green procurement categories in the "whitelist." It promoted 87 companies to the "Green List" and facilitated a total green procurement value of 38.4 billion yuan. The project also contributed to carbon emissions reduction of over 7.4 million tons in the real estate industry.