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Noah’s Ark


The Noah’s Ark Project was proposed by SEE built upon its Yangtze River’s First Bend Alpine Forests Conservation Project, and it focuses on biodiversity conservation in the mountainous regions in Southwest China. The project endeavours to explore and promote the interdependence between human society and ecosystems, to promote an exploration mechanism for comprehensive biodiversity conservation in the core areas of Southwest China’s mountains, and to encourage local people to engage in and lead field conservation efforts and make sustainable use of local biological resources. Ultimately the local communities will be able to benefit from conservation.

By June 2019, 9 mutual-support communities were set up for honeybee-keeping and medicinal plants cultivation, with a total of 44,000 seedlings of endangered medicinal plants distributed. Surveys have been completed about the distribution of 21 Yunnan snub-nosed monkey wild populations. Community patrol teams and checkpoints have been set up in local green peafowl conservation area. The project has also supported Xishuangbannan National Nature Reserve to restore and construct 100 hectares of Asian elephant feeding ground, and set up one pilot monitoring and information release system for Asian elephants activities to reduce human-elephant conflicts.