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Conserving the Sanjiangyuan Region


Targeting the ecosystems in the region, SEE’s conservation work in Sanjiangyuan Region aims to safeguard China’s most unique plateau ecosystem and the freshwater sources for 700 million Chinese people. Since its initiation in 2012, the project has mobilised 102 local environmental organisations to join the conservation network and the area under protection has accumulated to 65,000 km2. This conservation model has been adopted in the Master Plan for Integrated Conservation Experiment in Sanjiangyuan. In the next five years, the project will build a conservation network with its existing partners that will further enhance the cooperation and the community interaction. Meanwhile, the project will explore a model for the maintenance and sustainable utilisation of alpine pastures. Through field visits and investigations of the no-man’s-land at Sanjiangyuan borders, the project will develop a feasible development plan that will gradually diminish the threats from too many human activities in the no-man’s-land and promote the harmonious co-existence between human and nature. Built on the experiences of its conservation efforts in the region in the past five years, SEE will continue to implement science-based and community-based conservation actions that aim to promote the harmonious co-existence between the local communities and the surrounding environment, maintain the authenticity of the ecosystems in the region, and realise the harmony between man and nature in Sanjiangyuan Region.