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The Growing Up Together (GUT) scheme is a funding plan that was initiated by SEE Foundation and Global Greengrants Fund (GGF) in December 2012. It now receives funding from Dunhe Foundation, Narada Foundation and Mangrove Conservation Foundation, and is jointly managed by SEE and Heyi Institute. Since its launch in 2012 until December 2023, the program has provided funding exceeding 43.22 million RMB to support 511 early-stage environmental public welfare organizations. These partner organizations are distributed across 31 provinces and regions in China, actively involved in various environmental topics such as habitat protection, pollution control, nature education, and waste reduction.GUT focuses on mentoring and supporting key talents in growing environmental public welfare organizations. The program helps them overcome organizational development bottlenecks and become regional or thematic leaders capable of effectively addressing environmental issues. Since 2013, the program has supported 103 partner organizations with a total funding of almost 50 million RMB. Additionally, it has engaged 234 mentors who have volunteered over 31,577 hours of service. As part of their public awareness activities, they have produced the first promotional video for the GUT sub-brand, which garnered over 150,000 views. The program has successfully organized 69 events across multiple cities in China, with the Jingcao Carnival hashtag reaching over 82.02 million reads on Weibo.