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Growing Up Together


The Growing Up Together (GUT) scheme is a funding plan that was initiated by SEE Foundation and Global Greengrants Fund (GGF) in December 2012. It now receives funding from Dunhe Foundation, Narada Foundation and Mangrove Conservation Foundation, and is jointly managed by SEE and Heyi Institute.

The project targets critical talents in environmental NGOs at developing stage and assists the organisations to cope with the bottleneck they may face through pairing mentors of extensive enterprise or non-profit management background. The project hopes that GUT participants will be able to make breakthroughs in the development of their core business, their professional team and the talents, and their resources pools. By various capacity building activities, they will become the core leaders in their respective regions and fields and respond more effectively to environmental issues. Besides providing 300,000 yuan of unrestricted fund for 3 years, the project also matches the GUT participants with a mentor team composed of entrepreneurs and experts in relevant fields to support and accompany them during the project period. Since 2013, with a total funding of more than 20 million yuan and volunteer services of exceeding 10,000 hours from more than 143 mentors, the project has funded and supported 67 environmental NGOs to overcome the bottlenecks they have encountered in their institutional development.

In 2017, GUT Carnival, a sub-brand campaign for public environmental promotion, was established. So far, 23 events have been successfully held in 18 cities throughout the country; more than 20 environmental protection NGOs have been linked up, more than 90 frontline experts of biodiversity conservation and research have conducted 130 excellent speeches; more than 10,000 people have participated in the public on-site, while more than 34 million people have read the microblog.